Roof Replacement Services in Swindon

Here at Skyline Swindon Roofing, we are a trusted local roofing company based in Swindon specialising in roof replacements for homes and businesses across Swindon. With over 15 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a leading roofing contractor known for our professional roofing, premium materials, and exceptional customer service.

Our roofers have extensive training and expertise in full roof tear-offs and replacements for all types of roofs. We are able to advise on the most suitable materials for your new roof and take care of the entire process start to finish.

Skyline Swindon Roofing

Whether you require a complete new pitched roof, commercial and industrial flat roof or just need a few broken tiles replacing, we can deliver a high-quality roofing and building solution.

We understand choosing the right roofer is an important decision. As a local business ourselves, we pride ourselves on developing lasting relationships within the Swindon community. Our proven track record of excellence has led to a considerable amount of word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business. We would welcome the opportunity to add you to our list of satisfied customers looking for quality installation and repairs from trusted roofing contractors.

Skyline Swindon Roofing

Our Services

Skyline Swindon Roofing
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Skyline Swindon Roofing

Local Knowledge and Experience

With over 15 years serving Swindon homes and businesses, our experience in the roofing trade is unmatched. We understand the climate challenges, planning regulations, and the styles of architecture unique to the region.

Premium Materials

We only use the best materials from trusted UK brands like Marley, Redland and Sandtoft. You can count on a durable, high-performing roof built to last decades thanks to our providing high standard roofing.

Full Replacements

A complete installation provides the opportunity to eliminate any underlying issues and maximize energy efficiency. We tear off old roofing right down to the decking for full replacements, from roof repair to a complete new roof.

Specialist Roofers

From tile and slate roofs to flat felted roofs, our skilled tradespeople have extensive training to deliver exceptional standards on any roofing solutions project as a reputable roofing contractor.

Customer Service

From your initial quote right through to the final inspection, we take pride in clear communication, clean work sites, and delivering exactly what was promised as part of our comprehensive range of roofing services.

For trusted local roofing services with proven results, choose Skyline Swindon Roofing.

Why Choose our Roof Replacement Services in Swindon?

When it’s time for a new roof installation in Swindon, Skyline Swindon Roofing stands out from the competition for several key reasons:

Our Professional Approach

At Skyline Swindon Roofing, we take a meticulous approach to ensure every project meets the highest standards of quality and safety:

Comprehensive Site Evaluation

We thoroughly assess the existing roof structure, measure, take photos and identify any areas needing repair before providing a detailed quote, as reliable roofers.

Precision Planning

With years of experience replacing all types of roofs, we are able to accurately plan and schedule the full sequence of work required for your roofing project.

Safe Working Practices

We rigorously follow health and safety best practices on every job site, including using secured scaffolding, harness anchors, and restricting access underneath work areas as a professional roofing services provider.

Skilled Specialist Roofers

Our qualified roofers in swindon bring decades of collective expertise to handle complex roof tear offs and challenging replacements with ease as roof repair specialists.

Quality Checks

We have stringent quality assurance steps built into the process with checks and inspections at multiple stages through to the final sign-off you would expect from a reliable roofing company.

Clean and Tidy Sites

We fully clean work areas daily and load all roofing debris directly into our own waste removal vehicle

Skyline Swindon Roofing

When we replace your roof, you can have full confidence in an efficient, professional quality job you will be satisfied with for decades to come.

Skyline Swindon Roofing

Improved Durability and Life Span

Tearing off and replacing worn roofing materials allows for the installation of a completely new structure engineered to protect your property for 30 years or longer across all aspects of roofing.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Replacing leaking roof materials or roof damage with fresh uniform tiles or slate provides an updated, attractive exterior appearance. This also boosts a home’s resale value after having installed a new roof.

Better Weatherproofing

Eliminating leaks helps prevent the deterioration, mold growth and moisture damage they can cause over time inside attics, walls and ceilings.

Added Insulation

A replacement also presents the ideal opportunity to add insultation layers above rafters to improve energy efficiency year-round.

Lower Maintenance

After investing in a full replacement, homeowners can enjoy decades of virtually maintenance-free performance from their new, warrantied roof following our roof work.

The Main Benefits of Roof Replacement

When aging roofs develop recurrent leaks, roof damage and other ongoing issues, a full replacement delivers significant benefits:

Average Prices of Roof Replacement

There are several factors which impact the overall investment when replacing a roof including size, pitch, layers, accessibility and choice of materials. Here are typical price ranges you can expect:

Pitched Tile £4,000 - £8,000

This covers complete tear off and replacement of a standard concrete or clay roof tile roof with battens, underlay, ridge tiles and other components.

Flat Roof £2,500 - £5,000

For smaller flat roof sections of garages or extensions, including chimney repair. Larger flat roof areas may cost upwards of £7,500+

Slate Roof £7,000 - £15,000+

Due to higher material costs, a natural slate replacement is a premium investment but delivers an elegant, long-lasting roofing system.

Supplying Roofing Materials Only £2,000 - £4,000

If you have your own professional roofers, we can provide competitive quotes on premium roofing repairs in swindon supplies including tiles, battens and underlay ready for installation.

Skyline Swindon Roofing

For a free quote tailored to your specific roof and home, including full roof repair costs, contact Skyline Swindon Roofing today!

Areas We Serve In Swindon

With our skilled roofing crews and fleet of well-stocked service vehicles, Skyline Swindon Roofing delivers roof installations across the wider Swindon, Wiltshire area including:

Whether your home needs a new replacement, new build development, semi-detached property, farmhouse conversion or historic listed building, we have the experience to replace your existing roof to enhance protection and aesthetics. We are fully insured and licensed roofers providing roofing services in Swindon and surrounding towns and villages to safely carry out replacements across the region. Contact us for services in your area or emergency roof repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a replacement take?

For a standard sized pitched roof, expect the full tear-off and installation to take 2-4 days depending on size, weather and if any roof repair services are needed.

When is the best season for a new roof?

Late spring through summer are ideal as extended periods of hot, dry weather accelerate curing and bonding times for adhesives and sealants used in roof leaks fixes or full replacements.

What guarantees do you provide?

Our finished projects and workmanship are backed by manufacturer warranties up to 30 years as well as our own 12 month guarantee on all labor for your new gutter or full roof needs.

Do I need any permits for replacement?

If your home is located in a conservation area or listed building, planning permission may be required. We can advise and assist with the applications if you need a new roof or fascia soffits work.

How do I maintain my new roof?

With high quality materials, normal exposure to rain and wind is enough to self-clean the roof surface. But we recommend an annual inspection to check flashings, vents and identify any damaged tiles.

Why choose Skyline Roofing?

With 15+ years proudly serving Swindon homeowners, our experience delivering long-lasting replacements backed by reliable local aftercare is unmatched.

Skyline Swindon Roofing

Trust Skyline Swindon Roofing For Your Roof Repair Needs

If you have an aging roof showing signs of wear including persistent leaks, visible cracks/damage, or issues around flashings and vents, the time for a replacement may be right. Investing in a full tear-off and installation of new, watertight roofing can eliminate expensive ongoing repairs for decades. With over 15 years of experience in roofing as a well-established roofing company, Skyline Swindon Roofing has the expertise and workmanship standards to deliver exceptional roof installations you can rely on as the best roofing contractor for customers in Swindon. Whether slate, tile, flat or metal, we handle the entire process with safety, skill and efficiency.

Our local knowledge working on Swindon area homes combined with using only premium UK roofing materials enables us to back every new roof with lengthy manufacturer warranties plus our own 12 month guarantee on labor as your roof specialists. To learn more about protecting your most valuable asset for the long term with a superior quality replacement from the leading local contractor, call us today to enquire for your no-obligation quote. We look forward to adding you to our lengthy list of satisfied homeowners!