Roof repair is one of the toughest tasks to be performed after considerable and detailed planning and to effectively accomplish any repairs, it is necessary to first determine which style is wanted before performing any repairs. There are several flat roofing systems, each using various materials and involving different techniques of repair.

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You will need to choose if you would prefer a pitched roof or a flat roof at this stage. Both types of roofing have their pros and cons, but we will cover our specialty today: flat roofs.

1. Fiberglass flat roofing

Suitable for roof walkways or terraces due to its strength and structural integrity, this roof can be installed in the highest quality. Fiberglass flat roofing systems provide a tough, robust roof covering for your property with an excellent quality completion. Most fiberglass roofs are guaranteed for 30 years with no visual deterioration therefore they are strong, robust and versatile. The resulting seamless and spectacular roof is a favourite among homeowners and commercial property owners. The biggest advantage of fiberglass roofing is that it is prefabricated (often pre-cut from the manufacturer, enabling rapid installation). There’s no waste at all which eliminates the need for any skip hire. Besides, it is much more environmentally friendly, since the roof felt is rarely recycled. Its cost is the only real drawback with this material. It normally costs 10 times more than felt roofing, depending on the material used.

2. Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen is identical to a built-up roof because it typically consists of three foot thick asphalt rolls, but a modified bitumen roof usually consists only of two piles or layers, a base sheet and a cap sheet. Four simple forms can be built for changed bitumen:
• hot applied with hot tar
• cold applied solvent-based adhesive which does not require heat use
• torched down with an open flame that melts the two sheets together or
• Peel and stick base and cap sheets that self-adhere once a release tape has been removed. The cap sheet or top layer typically looks granulated on a shingle roof close to the granules and is mostly light grey in colour.

3. Rubber Roof EPDM

Rubber roofs are easy to find and are built in two simple ways:

  • Wide river stone ballasted or weighted down
  •  Adhered or glued down.

The adherent rubber roofs are easy to recognize, black in colour and typically tightly spread over an insulation board or fibreboard. Through ballast or large stones on top of the sheets of roofing, rubber roofs that are ballasted are held down and in place. Like a built-up roof, these roofs are covered in rock, but the stones are typically larger and not stuck with tar on the roof. If you gently move the stone away, the rubber membrane will be revealed.

4. Polyurethane Foam Roof Spray

A spray foam roof starts with a sheet sprayed from a wand or sprayer of high-density polyurethane foam. The foam is then covered with an elastomeric topcoat of waterproofing of some kind. This topcoat also has a grey or white reflective colour.

5. PVC or TPO Thermoplastic membranes

The thermoplastic roofing membrane is typically white or grey single layers of material but can be used in other colours. It is possible to connect these membranes, like an EPDM rubber roof, or manually fasten them with screws and plates. It is difficult to differentiate PVC and TPO membranes from a distance, but they will most often be white or light.

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Skyline Swindon Roofing will do the job to the highest working standard within your desired budget, whether you need flat roof construction, re-coating, or audit. Regardless of complexity, scale, or condition, we skilfully install or restore any flat roof. We promise top-of-the-range flat roof repairs and maintenance. The overall competence of our team ensures we consistently produce flat roofing while ensuring our high company standards of care and protection. For you, the construction process is extra cost-free and easy, ensuring while we operate, you can continue to go about your usual routine. We trust in our job and that’s why we bear an assurance on all our flat roofs.

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The materials are cheaper because they need not have as much “curb appeal”; the labour is cheaper because they are less likely to be installed; and these roofs are simpler and faster to build. So, overall, there is less work. They also have less maintenance or damage issues, which allows for a lower cost over the lifetime of the roof.

There is no slope and a level floor. It’s incredibly easy to reach a flat roof. Usually, it just takes a ladder, and in commercial environments, often not even that. This makes for simple maintenance, both on the roof itself and products such as rain gutters and sidings. Many more expensive fixes can be avoided with the opportunity to simply get up there and check the problem. The composition of a flat roof is amazingly simple to maintain, and the gravel and tar frameworks that form its foundation last a long time. For over thirty years, most products can resist basic elemental damage. A flat roof is also a perfect place for storing goods that may have no other suitable home. As we noted above, their maintenance is simple, which means costly flat roof repairs are not always needed.

As all room space can be used, a flat roof is the most cost-efficient roof shape. Flat roofs need less material for a greater surface area and are typically stronger than pitched roofs. This roof style also offers adequate space for solar panels or outdoor recreational use, such as roof gardens.

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