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Welcome to Skyline Swindon Roofing, your trusted local flat roofing specialists serving Swindon and surrounding areas. With over 10 years of experience in roofing, we have helped many residences and commercial properties properly install, replace, or repair their flat roofs using durable, bespoke materials from reputable suppliers. We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship, personalized service, and professionalism at affordable rates as a family-run business based in Swindon.

Our team of fully trained, certified roofing contractors conduct thorough inspections and diagnose any issues to deliver cost-effective, long-lasting flat roofing system solutions that protect your property.

Skyline Swindon Roofing

No job is too big or small for us! We can also provide emergency call outs for sudden leaks and storm damage. Though flat roofs seem simplistic at first glance, they require vigilant maintenance and care to remain functional.

Whether you need a minor patch job, a full new roof replacement, or flat to pitched conversion, we have the expertise to get it done properly the first time. We stay current with building regulations, provide fully guaranteed products, and emphasize health and safety procedures on every project.

Skyline Swindon Roofing

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Skyline Swindon Roofing
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Experience in the Roofing Trade

With over a decade of experience inspecting, installing, repairing, replacing, and maintaining flat roofs on residential and commercial properties, our roofers have seen it all. We’ve tackled every challenge and roof type imaginable, building up an extensive knowledge base. Our experience ensures the job gets done right the first time.

Fully Certified Expert Roofers

Our roofing technicians undergo rigorous accredited training and testing to be qualified to British Standard specifications. We invest heavily in our people so that our customers get the best service from start to finish. You can trust our flat roofing team to provide work that meets or exceeds all technical requirements.

Range of Materials & Solutions

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor our solutions to match each customer’s unique requirements, property type, budget and vision. We use only premium materials from reputable suppliers to construct durable flat roofs designed to last decades with proper care.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We provide watertight guarantees up to 20 years as standard on all new flat roof installations, so you can rest assured we stand by our high standard of workmanship. We won’t quit until you are 100% satisfied with the finished roof. Your satisfaction is our top priority at competitively priced rates.

Why Choose our Flat Roofing Services in Swindon?

When it’s time to install a new roof or carry out repairs on an existing one, making the right choice of roofer is key. Here are the top reasons why customers in Swindon and surrounding areas choose Skyline Swindon Roofing as their trusted roofing company for flat roofing services across Swindon:

Our Professional Approach

At Skyline Swindon Roofing, we take a systematic approach to flat roofing Swindon projects while emphasizing open communication every step of the way. Here’s what working with us looks like:

In-Depth Property Inspection 

We’ll conduct a comprehensive inspection and analysis of your existing flat roof or area needing a new roof installation. This allows us to accurately diagnose any issues and understand key factors that will inform our bespoke solution. We document roof measurements, materials, problem spots, access points and more using photographs, notes and roof plan sketches.

Bespoke Quotation 

Armed with details from the property inspection, we will provide you with a written quote outlining the full scope of work and estimated costs tailored for your requirements. We’ll also discuss alternative material options, expected lifespan, warranty coverage and other considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Preparation & Protection

Ahead of commencing work, we take steps to fully prepare and protect the property in a clean and tidy manner. This includes equipment deliveries, roof access set up, protective sheeting around the workspace, etc. to keep everything clean and avoid unintended damage while being efficient and professional. Safety comes first!

Step-by-Step Project Updates

Throughout the roof repair or installation process, we maintain constant communication and provide regular progress reports and photos, so you know what to expect. On multi-day jobs, we secure the roof each evening before signing off to withstand unexpected overnight weather.

Extensive Quality Checks

Upon completion, both our team and the customer will thoroughly inspect the finished flat roof. All works come with guarantees against defects in materials and craftsmanship. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with our reliable roofing company covering all surrounding areas!

Skyline Swindon Roofing

By following this proven approach with every customer, we deliver professional, high-quality flat roofing solutions that check all the boxes and stand the test of time.

Skyline Swindon Roofing


Flat roofs tend to be less expensive upfront to install a new flat roof compared to pitched roofs, as they require fewer materials and less supporting structures. The simple design also translates to lower maintenance costs long-term when properly installed.

Maximize Usable Space

With no angled sides or roof intrusions, flat roofs create additional useable floorspace in rooms below the roofline. The tops can also be decked out and utilized as functional outdoor living space.

Design Flexibility

The simplicity of flat roofs gives architects, builders and homeowners ample flexibility with building dimensions. Flat roof lines integrate seamlessly with modern architectural styles. Various types of roofing materials like EPDM, GRP fibreglass and more allow for design freedom.

Green Credentials

Modern flat roof membranes offer superb insulation and waterproofing properties to enhance energy efficiency. Systems with solar panels, green roofs full of plant life, and rainwater harvesting help reduce environmental impact.

Quick Installation

The straight-forward design of flat roofs allows for faster roofing work installation compared to complex pitched alternatives. No fiddly angles to work out or special supports to engineer.

Lifespan Up to 50 Years

When constructed correctly using quality materials, new flat roofs can provide up to 50 years of hassle-free weather protection before needing replacement. We offer systems with durable single ply membranes or GRP materials, whether you need a whole roof replacement or are just looking for a flat roof solution.

Considering these benefits, flat roofs offer outstanding functionality, performance and longevity with minimal upkeep when professionally installed and maintained.

The Main Benefits of Flat Roofing

While pitched roofs have long been the norm for houses, flat roofing offers some unique advantages that make it an increasingly popular choice:

Average Prices of Flat Roofing

As with most construction projects, flat roofing costs vary significantly based on the size of the area being waterproofed, existing roof materials, chosen replacement materials, accessibility, underlying structural issues and more. However, on average you can expect to pay within the following ranges:

Partial Flat Roof Patch Repairs

  • Minor repairs under 1 square meter: £150-£250

  • Medium repairs 1 to 3 square meters: £400 – £900

  • Large repairs over 3 square meters: £1,000 – £1,800

Full Flat Roof Replacements

  • Small stone roofstile roofs or slate roofs: £2,500 – £4,500

  • Medium rubber roofs or felt roofs: £5,000 – £9,000

  • Large flat roof 100+ square meters: £10,000+

Other Typical Flat Roofing Costs

  • Installation of soffits and guttering: £500+

  • Flat to pitched roof conversions: £6,000-£15,000+

  • Green roof or solar panel installations: £150+ per square meter

Skyline Swindon Roofing

Keep in mind potential complexities like unstable existing substrate needing replacement or discovery of asbestos may increase costs. All our quotations provide full transparency into what’s included so there are no surprises down the road.

Areas We Serve In Swindon

Centrally located between Bristol and Reading, Skyline Swindon Roofing provides flat roofing services to residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Swindon and the wider area as the trusted local roofing company covering Swindon. We service all types of flat roofs on properties big and small across the region.

With our experienced roofers in Swindon and fleet of well-stocked vehicles, we can mobilize quickly to tackle any flat roofing emergency or scheduled project in Swindon, Wiltshire and beyond. Distance is never an obstacle. We also liaise with crane crews for specialized flat roof installations on challenging multistory buildings where hoists may be needed to raise materials. No building is out of reach!

Skyline Swindon Roofing

What are the most common flat roof materials you use?

We typically recommend and install single ply membrane systems made of EPDM or GRP fibreglass which provide excellent waterproofing properties and longevity of up to 50 years. Bitumen felt is also used on some budgets.

Why does water collect on my flat roof?

Minor water pooling is typical but excessive standing water indicates an underlying leak or drainage issue that requires repair to prevent ceiling or wall damage. Our inspection will determine the culprit.

What is an inverted roof system?

This modern flat roofing approach involves installing the insulation layer on top of the waterproof membrane instead of underneath which maximizes thermal performance and drainage.

Can you install a flat roof on a pitched roof??

Yes, we can install overlay systems or carry out a complete conversion project to replace pitched surfaces with flat roofing using natural stone, tiles, or other covering materials.

How often should flat roofs be replaced?

With proper maintenance like biannual inspections, quality flat roofs can last 30-50 years on average before needing full replacement. Signs indicating age like cracking and holes necessitate repair or replacement of the old roof.

Can you match existing materials or colour when replacing a section?

Absolutely. We ensure any patched sections blend seamlessly with the surrounding fasciasoffit and guttering for a uniform, aesthetic finish after we’ve cleaned up the mess from the old damages or leaks. This includes matching materials on garage roofs and other areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trust Skyline Swindon Roofing For your Flat Roofing Needs

When it comes to properly installing or repairing flat roofs, having a trusted local specialist makes all the difference. Here at Skyline Swindon Roofing, we’ve spent over a decade providing bespoke flat roof solutions to residential and commercial customers across Swindon and surrounding regions.

Our fully certified team combines years we have built of hands-on experience in roofing and building to construct durable, energy efficient flat roofs guaranteed to last decades. We conduct thorough inspections, provide transparent quotes, emphasize constant communication, deliver impeccable workmanship and go the extra mile to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Whether you need minor repairs, a full roof replacement, or want to convert your existing pitched roof to flat – we have the skills and know-how as the leading local roofers and flat roofing specialists in Swindon to get it done right the first time. Our longstanding local presence coupled with word-of-mouth referrals speak for themselves.

As your reliable roofers, we offer free no obligation consultations and quotes. Choose Skyline Swindon Roofing as your trusted partner for superior quality, service and peace of mind on your next flat roofing project.