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We all know, the roof is one of the most significant parts of a house. Every home has its own demands, obviously, it depends on multiple factors and one of the most structural needs is a roof. It prevents the entire structure from leakage and mould. If you’re considering a pitched roof for your house, there are a few things to remember before construction starts. There are several factors at play with pitched roofs, including environmental conditions, living conditions, budget and aesthetic needs, and many others. That’s any homeowner must make sure their roof is in excellent condition at all times! Pitched roofing is eloquently basic, which is why it has flourished for several thousand years and, although theoretically, it has changed substantially, the concepts are still basically the same. Many residents and commercial property owners pay no attention to their roofs until the leaks and damages are too big and obvious to ignore.

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Pitched Roofing In Swindon

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The pitch roof is primarily composed of an inner layer that supports the entire roof structure. The first layer comprises the support of the roof. A variety of structures may significantly expand a pitched roof. The outer layer is the second portion of the pitched roof and is typically mounted on the roof support. The external layer protects the building from exposure to environmental conditions.

Choosing which type of roof to go with may be complicated, but each has its benefits and setbacks which need to be considered. The roof is the area in which the weather elements are most vulnerable and requires regular repair and maintenance. As of today, advanced manufacturing techniques have resulted in the ability to manufacture precision-engineered roof tiles, which continue to provide flexible, stability, protection, savings and last, the aesthetically appealing roofing solutions.

Pitched Roofing Swindon Roofing pitch

Roofing Pitch

No matter where you live, it’s likely there is a pitched roof on your house. This refers to the roof itself being sloped at an angle if you’re not familiar with the word. The pitch between buildings can vary wildly, providing different aesthetics and practicality. Here at Skyline Swindon Roofing, we know what it takes to get the most out of the capacity of your roof.

Pitch Degree

The steepness of the slope is one of the most crucial factors to pay attention to when discussing a pitched roof. Roofs with high pitch can be much harder to operate on because the chance of falling off is much greater. Mostly, unless you want to do some considerable remodelling, you can’t change the pitch of your house. However, we will motivate you to achieve your goals to make your roof steeper or shallower.

Pitched Roofing Swindon Pitch Degree
Pitched Roofing Swindon Roofing Material

Roofing Material

Many distinct materials and equipment are used daily to construct different roofs for houses that provide the homeowners with safety and support. Baked tiles can also act as materials for the outer layer, and can be made in various shapes and colours. While rarely used, copper and lead can manufacture sheet metals which could be used in the outer layer. One of the key advantages of a pitched roof is that it facilitates quick and effective run-off of water and other debris.

Pitched Roof Replacement Swindon

Pitched Roof Repair

Several factors ranging from inexpensive three-tab asphalt shingles to architectural shingles (or even slate) go into the cost of a roof, starting with your choice of roofing materials. Other variables that influence the cost are the roofing contractor you pick, the pitch (steepness of your roof), and the square footage of your roof.

Pitched Roofing Swindon Roofing Replacement


Pitched roofs come in many sizes and forms, from simple traditional pyramids to more sophisticated shapes and designs. They offer a lot more flexibility than flat roofs. They encourage you to express and represent the style you want and to produce a design of your dreams!


Although flat roofs are inexpensive for those living in areas with little rainfall, pitched roof offers more structure and stability, and excellent drainage and ventilation in areas of heavy rainfall.


As a standard, the pitched roofs are double-layer, offering insulation gains and ensures a more comfortable indoor environment. In winter, the well-insulated roof prevents the outside cold and maintains the interior warm and comfortable. In summer, the roof structure safeguards against excessive heat.


Thanks to specifically designed wind suction protection, such as special storm clips, which connect the tiles to the battens, the pitched roofs work well in storms. With the pitched roof filled with clay roof tiles safeguards against moisture infiltration during exposure to wind and severe weather. This control mechanism is accomplished by an excellent interlocking of clay roof tiles.


The building envelope is accountable for about 25-35% of energy losses in the building. With our pitched roofs they allow natural ventilation between both the outermost layer and the building, thus conserving more energy. Flat roofs need regular monitoring of their drainage systems to prevent leakage. While pitched roofs are typically more costly, faster and less extensive repairs compensate for this.


Most homeowners prefer a pitched roof since it gives off a rather warm and inviting feeling that makes a home feel much like a place to go home than just a place to stay. The flat roof is simple yet there’s not a lot of ways you can embellish it and make it look distinctive.

Roof Replacement

New Pitched Roof

We are delighted to work with you on your next project for residential pitched roofing. To help you plan, we provide FREE ESTIMATES. If you’d like to renovate your house or only a roof, deciding whether you want your roof to be flat or pitched is one of your most important and crucial decisions. Like with many other aspects of life, no roof is necessarily better, as each has its advantages and disadvantages. So, pick what’s best for your needs. Build for the future; Build with a pitched roof. Call our office today for a fast and free quote!

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