How much do roofers charge per day UK

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Professional roofers in the UK play a critical role in the maintenance and upkeep your home. The experts ensure that your roof is always in top-shape and is free from annoying and damaging leaks.

But, how much do roofers charge per day? Knowing the costs of working with these professionals can help you set and prepare your budget accordingly.

How to Calculate Roofer Rates

Most tradesmen provide their services based on the hourly rates.  They can also charge minimum daily rates depending on the specifications of the project.

For instance, a rate of around £18 to £25 per hour can be considered as a reasonable rate that homeowners can expect every time they hire a tradesperson. But, many trade professionals won’t come and visit your house just to patch a leak, a task that will only take 20 minutes to an hour.

In cases like this, a minimum half day rate is often charged or a minimum of £50 at least. Average daily rates are typically between £150 and £250, which depends on the required level of expertise and your location.

There are also situations when tradespeople charge extra service call fees if there are last minute emergencies or major repair or damage work. When this happens, homeowners must be prepared to pay at least the half day rate together with costs and fees that the tradesperson will incur for materials and supplies as well as an emergency call-out fee.

Major roof repair work or new installation in some cases may also need two trade professionals or even more to finish the project that can further increase the pricing. As for minor upgrade or damage repair work, one tradesman can deal with the project. However, many roofers often work in pairs because of safety purposes. You need to discuss all service charges and rates before you hire a tradesman. Commercial roofs are usually sorted on a contract basis.

Extra Fees to Watch Out For

Some projects may cost higher than the base rate or flat half-day or hourly rate that tradesmen charge. For instance, the extra cost of supplies, equipment rental, and prepping the roof may affect the total price you need to pay for the services.

Your specific location can affect the rates as well. More populous regions and bigger cities often cost more if the time comes that you need to hire a tradesman to perform the roofing repair job you are hiring them to do on the roof of your home.

If there are problems found below the surface of the roof, expect that this will further increase the costs. For instance, if the felt is damaged, mould is present, or the timber has water damage, all of these factors will increase the initial quoted price.

Whatever delays, setbacks, or issues may occur, it is a must that you discuss these with the roofer before they proceed with the job. You also have to agree on a rate prior to hiring them to carry out all the necessary services. Doing so can help prevent potential delays and disagreements.