Types of Roofs In The UK

Pitched Roofing Swindon

Pitched Roofing Swindon

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If you think that all roofs are just the same, you might want to think again. A careful and close inspection of the roofs on your neighbours’ houses will make you realize that each and every roof is actually unique and different. To give you a better idea, the following are the most common types of roofs used in the UK.

Gable Roof

The classic gable roof remains to be one of the most popular roofs today as this fits well with various styles of buildings. Gable roofs, in their most basic appearance, are the combination of two roof planes to form an inverted V shape.

The inclination angle of roof planes is at least 15 degrees. This particular type of roof needs not one but two gutters. Gable roofs are quite windproof and offer good rainwater drainage.

Flat Roof

Flat roofs are made up of a single horizontal roof plane. The inclination angle is mostly very low and allows smooth water drainage. It is common to see flat roofs on modern urban houses. These roofs are usually covered with rubber roofing or EPDM. Simple construction and lesser wind sensitivity are the top benefits of flat roofs.

Hip Roof

Hip roofs are adjustable gable roofs, with the long side featuring two trapezoidal-shaped roof sides and the short side having two triangular-shaped roof planes. You can often see this particular roof shape on farms and older buildings. Due to their aerodynamic shape, hip roofs are well-protected from gusts of wind. There is a roof gutter on all sides of the roof. Unfortunately, building and constructing a hip roof is a bit difficult.

Pent or Lean-To Roof

Lean-to roofs are among the simplest constructions. These roofs consist of a single simple roof plane applied below an angle of 15 degrees at least. The kind of roofing depends on the inclination angle of the mono-pitched roof.

One side of this roof construction is a bit high while the other one is rather low. It is a type of roof that is often used on green houses or garden houses.

The main benefit of these roofs is that there are lots of spaces below and with just one side requiring a roof gutter. You can also install windows on the other side.


Skillion Roof

Two lean-to roofs make up a skillion roof. Unlike traditional gable roofs, these roofs are not positioned symmetrically. Roof planes also have different height. It results to the formation of a vertical opening that can serve as a light opening. These roofs also boast of a modern appearance.

Mansard Roof

Mansard roofs or also called French or curb roofs are gable roofs with bent roof planes. The name of this roof was taken after François Mansart, a French architect.

Since the bottom planes are much steeper compared to upper planes, the space below the roof is larger than that of gable roofs. This roof shape has different varieties.

Tented Roof

Tented roofs or also known as pyramid hip or pavilion roof are made up of a minimum of four triangular-shaped roof planes coming together in the roof ridge. Roof planes may have different sizes, allowing the possibility of various roof shapes.


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